Read Write Perform

A full day’s course that highlights how best to use film, media and technology to enhance and promote the learning experience and facilitate good teaching and learning. 

Brought to you in conjunction with ICT specialist Lee Parkinson, this unique CPD opportunity explores how best to encourage learners to actively engage with a variety of media and get the most out of the learning experiences you provide.

Packed full of innovative ideas already proven to be effective in the classroom, the day focuses on how best to contextualise learning so that children are able to focus upon, engage with and reflect upon how the core facets of English work together.

It will also explore the importance of Emotional Literacy when developing the whole child and discuss ways in which learners are able to reflect upon their learning experience in a coherent, consistent and purposeful way.

For more information with regards to our Read Write Perform philosophy and our exciting new resources, please visit us at

Please note that this course requires a full day’s training and can also be facilitated as a conference.

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Other Courses Available

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