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CPD Training

Author, John Murray, provides training that will enable your learners to engage with text by improving their knowledge, understanding and love of words.

A course specifically designed to emphasise the importance of going beyond simply understanding the nuances of words, this exquisite course focuses on how teachers can provide practical opportunities for learners to explore and embed the rich tapestry of language that English has to offer.

Packed full of practical ideas to improve the teaching of vocabulary in a purposeful way, participants will explore how our understanding of Authorial Intent leads to us becoming better readers and successful writers.

Course Programme:

Session One: 1.5 hours

The course will begin by considering why the explicit teaching of vocabulary is important and looks at how we might create opportunities to do this throughout the curriculum to raise comprehension and writing standards.

It will discuss Isabel Beck’s work on Tiered Language and explore the implications this has on classroom practice, as well as consider where and how we learn and organise words in the brain.

A practical lesson will demonstrate how such direct instruction can be applied, which elements should be considered and how this links to both reading fluency and a deeper understanding of the text.


Session Two: 1.5 hours

Continuing from the first session, John will consider how to implement this during the Guided Reading sequence so that it is easy to manage and monitor.

He will end by linking vocabulary instruction with reading fluency, both in terms of strengthening reading stamina and improving reading comprehension, by considering the important aspect of fluency for meaning.

Please note that this training is supported with course materials from John’s Top Class Vocabulary series and can be facilitated as a whole day’s training. Details are available on request.

Other Courses Available

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