Vocabulary CPD Training

An invaluable course that explores the beauty of the English language and considers how to empower learners as they use words effectively to become creative, independent writers.

Children’s writer, John Murray, provides a very practical Professional Development course that will enable your learners to improve their knowledge and understanding of words and become true lovers of the English language.

Designed to emphasise the importance of going beyond simply understanding the nuances of specific words, this exquisite course focuses on how teachers can provide practical opportunities for learners to explore and embed the rich tapestry of language that English has to offer. 

It enables learners to gain a true understanding of what it means to be an authentic writer and appreciate more fully the impact word choice has upon the text and its reader.

Packed full of practical ideas to improve the teaching and learning of vocabulary in a purposeful and engaging way, this course will also encourage you and your learners to appreciate the linguistic and cultural heritage the English language provides.

To cater for your school’s individual needs, this course can be adapted to address any specific needs highlighted in your School Development Plan.

Please note that there are two versions of this course.


Course A: This half day training session focuses on the practical application of teaching vocabulary explicitly within the classroom. Ideal for all those who work with children, it considers the content and structure of how this lesson can be organised and delivered effectively.


Course B: This full day’s training session explores Isabel Beck’s work on Tier 2 words in depth and is particularly suited for class teachers. Practical and engaging, it looks at how we might identify which words to teach and considers a variety of ways in which this can be best achieved. 


For more information regarding the content and structure of these two courses, please contact John directly.


Book Course A alongside the Comprehension CPD and get a half day’s consultancy absolutely FREE.

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