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Reading to Write

CPD Training

Author and reading specialist, John Murray, delivers a course that will improve the quality of writing in the classroom.

Participants will gain an understanding of the reading into writing process, a structured approach that also values and promotes speech and language development.

The course considers why moving away from simply using a ‘book as a hook’ is essential if learners are to be exposed to a more comprehensive understanding of what it means to be an author and fully embrace the reading into writing approach.

It explores why both writing and reading outcomes improve when an authentic audience and clearly defined purpose is the driving force that underpins the creative process.

Course Programme:


Session One: 1.5 hours

Walking through the reading into writing process, John will consider why a text-centric approach is essential if we are to move our writing forward and allow genuine opportunities for individuals to express themselves with flare and creativity.

It will also focus on why the final written piece is never the end of the writing journey and look at how to provide an authentic audience and purpose for writing that reaches beyond the confines of the classroom.

Session Two: 1.5 hours

Using a unit of work aimed at Key Stage 2, John will demonstrate how to plan your own reading into writing project and discuss how teachers can adapt this to suit the specific needs of their learners. It will include aspects such as how to develop reading and writing fluency and discuss the importance of developing a child’s Emotional Dexterity.

It will focus on how this might look in the primary setting and discuss how such an approach will ensure progress, secure outcomes and, above all, build an enjoyable, supportive and creative learning environment. 

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