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CPD Training

Participants will gain an understanding of where words are acquired, organised and stored in the brain and examine how this impacts our ability to spell.

The course will discuss factors that impact our confidence and ability to spell and focuses on practical ways that will encourage learners to use a range of strategies and techniques to improve their own spellings. 

A particular emphasis will be placed on those words many of us find problematic and commonly misspell.

Course Programme:

Session One: 1.5 hours

Focusing on how we learn to spell and how this can help or hinder our ability to spell challenging words correctly, discussion will take place as to why spelling is particularly difficult when it comes to the English language and how these hurdles can be overcome.

Consideration will also be given to the teaching and learning sequence of spellings, not only in terms of a learner’s weekly spelling test but also your school’s Spelling Curriculum across both Key Stages.


Session Two: 1.5 hours

Packed full of classroom activities from across the curriculum, you will discover and apply a range of strategies and techniques to benefit even the strongest of spellers and promote independent learning.

With not a spelling test in sight, you are sure to love this unique and informative course and improve your own spelling performance to boot.

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