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Kids Handwriting

Spelling Lists

The below booklets are free to download.


Clicking the image will download a PDF file to your device.

It can be a challenge to know how many words to give your learners for their weekly spelling test and, more importantly, to decide which specific words should be tested.

Each spelling booklet seeks to address this by providing teachers with a series of weekly spellings that will support and challenge your learners. 

Laid out across seven steps, each booklet contains thirty-five spelling lists and includes a range of commonly misspelt words and spelling patterns that the proficient speller must master. 

Each list also has the opportunity to include key words from across the wider curriculum and encourages learners to reflect upon ways in which we might learn how to spell them.

Free to use across Key Stages 1-3, each booklet will support your learners as they journey towards becoming a more confident and capable speller.

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