Packages designed to improve the teaching and learning of Literacy and Reading Comprehension throughout your school.

Key Objectives

To assess current practice: monitoring visits that will highlight areas for improvement and identify areas of success.
To provide feedback that will inform your School Development Plan and help you formulate a coherent strategy to move your school forward.
To provide support and guidance as you implement changes that will have a positive impact upon teacher workload, pupil achievement and your school’s well-being.
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How Can John Support You On Your Pathway to Success?

Phase 1
  • Monitoring visit to assess current practice and plan an approach to move your school forward with Head Teacher.

  • 1-2-1 interviews to ascertain how your staff view and value Reading within your school with personalised feedback.

  • Formal report to Head Teacher to help inform the School Improvement Plan and formulate a coherent strategy to move your school forward.

Phase 2
  • Provide high quality CPD to your whole staff that will equip them with the skills, knowledge, resources and confidence necessary for them to deliver high quality Reading sessions that embed strong comprehension and higher order reading skills throughout your school. 

Phase 3
  • Return monitoring visit and 1-2-1 interviews with each member of your staff to ensure they are sufficiently confident with how to teach higher order reading skills within Literacy and across the wider curriculum.

  • Meet with Head Teacher to feedback findings and offer any further guidance and support that may be required.

Phase 4
  • CPD for teachers that focuses on how and when to monitor and assess a child’s reading development so that it is pertinent to the needs of the individual, is not burdensome in terms of work load and provides quality evidence that involves the learner taking an active role in their own learning.

  • Includes FREE online support for each member of staff for six months!

Consultancy packages can be designed to cater for your school’s individual Literacy needs and training provided at a time that suits you.
Each Phase can be booked separately and is priced accordingly.

Please contact John directly if you wish to discuss your needs further and in more detail.

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