Bespoke consultancy tailored to support you on your journey towards becoming a school of excellence, one that delivers a rich and vibrant curriculum that empowers all and is delivered with passion and expertise.

A collaborative approach focusing on improving the quality of teaching and learning, its aim is to unlock the potential of individual members of staff and afford your learners the best opportunities to grow and develop both academically and personally.

To facilitate these opportunities, the following areas will be considered and can be dovetailed alongside your specific training needs:

  • Monitoring visits that will help you to assess current practice, identify areas of success and highlight areas for improvement. 

  • 1-2-1 interviews to ascertain how staff members view and value your Literacy provision, working with them to improve teaching and learning, embed good practice and encourage individual flare and creativity. 

  • Feedback that will inform your School Development Plan and help you to plan a coherent strategy to move your school forward.

  • Guidance and support as you implement changes that will have a positive impact upon teacher workload, pupil progress and attainment and your school’s well-being.

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