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Your Reading Curriculum

CPD Training

Reading specialist and lover of books, John Murray provides a CPD course that will help you to assess and enrich your Reading Curriculum, one that will engage and enthuse your learners as you journey towards becoming a genuine Reading Community.

Participants will gain an understanding of what a good Reading Curriculum looks like and how this appears in the classroom and goes beyond the school gates.

The course will consider how to create an authentic reading culture within your school and discusses how fiction, non-fiction and poetry can be shared and celebrated to reflect and represent the communities in which we live. 

A book led treat that includes treasured favourites and exciting new titles hot off the press, this wonderful course is sure to delight and inform even the keenest of readers.

Course Programme:

Duration: 3 hours

This training marries perfectly with a half day consultancy, where John can sit down with you and assess your reading provision. 

Teachers will be able to discuss their own book knowledge and consider how to incorporate high quality texts within specific units of work to enrich and inform their practice and excite and enthuse their learners.

An in-depth look at your Reading Curriculum is available as a whole day’s consultancy package.

This includes a staff meeting that provides an abridged version of the above CPD.

Other Courses Available

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