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Read for Pleasure

CPD Training

Reading specialist and book lover, John Murray provides a CPD course that will enable you to embed a love of reading across your school and support you on your journey towards becoming a genuine Reading Community.

Participants will gain an understanding as to why Reading for Pleasure is so important and examine a range of strategies that will help you establish a strong Reading Culture within your school, a culture that reaches beyond the confines of individual classrooms.

The course will consider what it means to be a Real Reader and the important role we have to play when encouraging learners to read with genuine enthusiasm and joy.

Course Programme:

Session One: 1 hour

The course will begin by considering a range of factors that contribute to a learner not wanting to read and discuss how each of these can be overcome.

It will consider the importance of the class and school library and explore how we can choose books that challenge and inform our readers, as well as entertain. It will also explore the importance of having books that represent the rich and diverse communities in which we live. 

Session Two: 1 hour

We will begin by sharing our favourite picture and information books and discuss the crucial role both have to play when developing our Reading Identity.

We will also explore the important aspect of Reading for Purpose.

Consideration will then be given as to how we can facilitate being a good role model when reading in school and discuss how we can support parents to continue Reading for Pleasure at home. 

A wonderful book-based training session that shares the power and the fun of reading.

A course that is sure to delight.

To cater for your school’s individual needs, this course can be run as a staff meeting and be adapted to address any specific needs highlighted in your School Development Plan.

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