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Author Visit

What better way to encourage a reading for pleasure and writing for purpose ethos in your school than to have an author visit your classroom and speak about their work?

An opportunity to motivate your learners and engage with text, such visits help learners to improve their knowledge and understanding of the writing process. It encourages them to apply what they learn to their own work and inspires them to view themselves as real authors.

If you are using a story or poem John has written to enthuse and develop your writing or have simply used one of his texts during Guided Reading and want to explore it further, then you can arrange a video conference with him that won’t disrupt your day. 

Each visit is divided into two sections: 

The first is where learners interview John, asking him their own questions about the text they have been reading. This will help them to explore the important aspect of authorial intent.  

The second considers what it means to be an author and have your work read by a wider audience. Its focus is on the writing journey: from initial idea to final piece. 

Should you be interviewing John as part of a writing project, learners can send their work for him to read and give feedback as part of the writing process, thus giving them an authentic audience and a more meaningful experience.


Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £45 +VAT per class

If you are local to the Greater Manchester area and would like John to visit your class and be interviewed in person, please contact him directly.

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