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Reading Rocketeers

Reading Rocketeers

Designed to boost levels of attainment for those who may still be working towards expected reading standards, each book encourages learners to both understand and apply core reading skills.


With additional tools to help monitor, assess and evidence a child’s reading development, Reading Rocketeers can easily be integrated into a school’s existing Reading Intervention programme.

Boost progress and improve comprehension levels by:

  • Developing higher order reading skills using text written in a dyslexia friendly font.

  • Increasing their knowledge & understanding of what is being read at word, sentence and whole text level. 

  • Improving their reading fluency in a meaningful way, one that focuses on reading for meaning and encourages high quality discussion.

Easy to adapt for developing comprehension during Shared Reading in EYFS & KS1.

Reading Explorers

A guided skills-based programme which aims to develop key reading & study skills.

This acclaimed series provides teachers with a variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, which encourages children to access, interpret and understand what they are reading.

It promotes the child's knowledge and understanding of authorial intent and gives the reader the chance to speculate on the tone and purpose of each text, as well as to consider its wider themes and audience.

The core reading skills covered in this series are:

  • The Retrieval of specific information

  • Inference, including Deductive Reasoning

  • Evaluative & Summative Assessment of text

  • Vocabulary Development: Word Knowledge & Word Choice

  • Study Skills that promote wider independent study

The Classics

A layered skills-based programme aimed at developing key reading & research skills.
Carefully chosen to bring together some of our best loved children's writers, The Classics – A Voyage of Discovery offers readers the chance to experience some of the greatest children's literature ever written, stories and poems that are an essential part of our literary heritage.
Designed to encourage and develop specific reading skills, as well as to promote a love for the written word, this series dovetails beautifully when teaching contemporary texts in order to provide teachers with a broad and balanced Reading Curriculum.

The core reading skills covered in this series are:

  • The Retrieval of specific information

  • Sequencing and Summarising

  • Inference, including Deductive Reasoning

  • Evaluative Assessment 

  • Vocabulary Development: Word Knowledge & Word Choice

  • Research Skills that promote wider independent study

Top Class Comprehension

Written with the adept reader in mind, this series aims at securing higher order reading skills with the more confident reader.

Using a variety of texts to promote wider reading, each lesson focuses on different aspects of inference in order that learners engage with the text at a deeper level of understanding.

The core reading skills covered in this series are:

  • Inference: deductive reasoning and inferential understanding

  • Authorial Intent: vocabulary development and contextualised grammar

  • Evaluative: assessment of the text as a whole and critical thinking

Top Class Vocabulary

The perfect companion to Top Class Comprehension, this series has been created to help foster a love of words both spoken and written.

Discover new words, discuss their meaning and explore their impact in a variety of meaningful contexts.

The three pillars of explicit and direct vocabulary instruction contained in each book are:

  • Word Knowledge: what words mean dependent on context, audience and purpose.

  • Word Choice: how words impact the text and its reader, and the importance of Authorial Intent.

  • Word Class: how words are classified when placed in a grammatical setting. 

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