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An exceptional course that considers how best to support those learners who struggle to understand what they are able to decode.

Reading specialist, John Murray, now provides a Reading Intervention course that will enable you to support and engage learners as they journey towards becoming a more confident and successful independent reader.

Delegates will explore some of the key reasons as to why learners struggle to comprehend what they read and look at a range of techniques that can be used to overcome them.

They will also discuss the difference between Shared and Guided Reading and consider the structure and content of a good Reading Intervention session across both Key Stages.

The course focuses on how to boost reading ability and improve comprehension levels by:

  • Developing higher order reading skills using easy to decode text.

  • Improving a reader’s knowledge and understanding of what is being read at word, sentence and whole text level.

  • Increasing a learner’s reading fluency in a meaningful and coherent manner.

Please note that this training is supported with course materials from John’s Reading Rocketeers series.

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Course Programme

Session One: 09:00-09:45

The course will begin by considering 12 key reasons that contribute towards a learner’s ability to comprehend a text.  


Areas that will be discussed in more detail include:

  • Working Memory: how to encourage readers to make crucial links within the text.

  • Vocabulary: how to improve a reader’s knowledge and understanding of words and boost their reading fluency.

  • Metronomics: how to help readers tune into the language structures within a text that underpin good comprehension.

  • Cultural Capital: how a broad and balance curriculum impacts understanding when a reader is exposed to unfamiliar text.

  • Emotional Dexterity: how to encourage the reader to understand a text on an emotional level and develop important empathy skills.


Session Two: 09:45-10:20

Delegates will consider Jane Oakhill’s seminal work on how readers understand a text at word, sentence and whole text level and discuss the implications this has for developing a strong Reading Intervention programme within your school.

They will also explore how this might looks across the Key Stages and discuss the difference between Shared Reading with non-functional readers in Key Stage 1 and Guided Reading with more proficient readers in Key Stage 2.

Session Three: 10:30-11:30

A practical demonstration of how the theory of Reading Intervention can be put into practice in a Key Stage 1 will take place.


Delegates will explore the various techniques and structure of this lesson and discuss the elements that contributed to its success. They will also consider important lessons learnt when readers struggled with this process.


Session Four: 11:30-12:30

Again, using an actual lesson taught in the classroom, John will demonstrate how the theory of Reading Intervention can be put into practice in a Key Stage 2 setting. 


Delegates will explore different techniques and an alternative structure to this lesson and discuss what contributed to its success. 


Consideration will also be given as to how this can be adapted to suit a whole class lesson in order to encourage and embed wider independent comprehension skills for all, including how this can be recorded for monitoring purposes.


Practical and engaging, all staff are welcome and encouraged to attend.

To cater for your school’s individual needs, this training can be delivered in-house as either a half day’s training or extended twilight session. 

If you would like a more in-depth session which also considers how to create your own materials to support and encourage reading development, this course can be facilitated as a whole day’s training.


For more information, please contact John directly.

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