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A course that focuses on how key reading skills can be developed within the classroom to promote high levels of comprehension.

Author of the bestselling Reading Explorers and Top Class Comprehension series, John Murray now provides a CPD course that will bring the teaching and learning of reading to life.

This course focuses on how to develop and embed core reading skills in order to improve comprehension levels.

Participants will gain an understanding as to why it is essential to use a skills-based approach when teaching children to understand what they read, and explore a variety of innovative ways in which this can be successfully achieved by all.

Course Programme:

Session One: 9.00-10.45


The day will begin by considering the need to balance the implicit and explicit teaching of reading comprehension across the curriculum.



The course will then look at the purpose, structure and content of a reading session when teaching skills explicitly and the importance of text selection.


It will also explore how to embed core reading skills implicitly through the wider curriculum and discuss when it is that learners make the transition from decoding to skills-based reading.


Session Two: 11.00-12.30


After considering how to teach core Orientation skills to retrieve information quickly and securely, it will look at the important role vocabulary has to play within the comprehension process and consider the impact this has upon reading fluency.


Discussion will take place as to how to improve a reader’s Word Knowledge and explore the importance of developing a learner’s deeper understanding of a text through Word Choice and Authorial Intent.


Delegates will then begin to look at the difference between deductive and inferential reasoning. 


Session Three: 1.15-2.45


After lunch, the course will continue to develop how to build opportunities that help learners secure and master higher order reading skills, especially when embedding the most difficult of reading skills - Inference.

It will also consider how teachers can demonstrate this using a Model & Mirror technique and discuss the important difference between spoken and written comprehension when it comes to demonstrating understanding and assessment.

It will then focus on how to improve, monitor and assess higher order reading skills and consider the impact Emotional Literacy has upon the reader’s ability to comprehend a text at Greater Depth.


Session Four: 2.45-3.30

The final session considers why reading fluency must be included as part of this monitoring process and which specific aspects of this can be taught explicitly in the classroom.

The course will end by reflecting upon how to develop a genuine reading community in your school, one that celebrates books and develops a true love and appreciation for the written word. 

Practical and engaging, all staff are welcome and encouraged to attend.


To cater for your school’s individual needs, this course can be facilitated as two consecutive twilight sessions and adapted to address any specific needs highlighted in your School Development Plan.


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