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Read for Pleasure

Reading is not simply a cognitive process; it is an emotional response.

For children to fall in love with books, we must show them that we love books.

If we want children to talk enthusiastically about books, we too must talk enthusiastically about books.

This is the role and the responsibility of the adult reader.

It is with this in mind that I have chosen these books, books that will support your learners as they journey towards becoming a real reader, someone who loves to read and does so independently, not because they have been told to but simply because they enjoy it.

This is the reward of all readers.

Below are 100+ Reading for Pleasure packs that accompany some of my favourite books.

Each pack is designed to encourage readers to talk about what they are reading and develop a love for the art of storytelling.

Each book has been carefully chosen to  help nurture and develop the whole child.

Please click here if you would like to download two free packs.

If you would like further training on how to include picture books within your Guided Reading sessions, please contact John directly or visit his Training page.

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